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Liberty Public Market

San Diego’s recently opened Liberty Public Market will quickly become a foodie and beer enthusiast destination with its wide variety of offerings and fun, friendly atmosphere. You can get everything from fresh-cut flowers to empenadas, cheese (from Venissimo Cheese), massive hunks of beautiful beef, sea urchins, oysters, produce, Thai, burgers, lobster, pasta, salads, desserts, coffee, beer, wine, and even something

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Imperial Beach Pier & Farmer’s Market

If you haven’t been to Imperial Beach lately, the certified farmer’s market every Friday afternoon may be just the impetus you need to head down there. Imperial Beach—affectionately known as “IB”—is in the midst of a renaissance of its own making. For several years now, the city has been making a concerted effort to make its waterfront more appealing and

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Venissimo Cheese

A cheese lover’s paradise, Venissimo Cheese offers a wide variety of cheeses from around the world. Their friendly and helpful staff will let you sample the products and will help educate you before you make your decision—and making a decision is a tough prospect here. You can choose between cow’s, sheep’s, or goat’s milk cheeses that range from mild to

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A Taste of Germany at Tip Top Meats

My grandparents emigrated to the U.S. from Germany in the 1920s, and I speak enough German to embarrass myself—a skill that isn’t all that handy here in San Diego given the prevalence of Spanish speakers. (Although my rudimentary German has been helpful interacting with guests from Germany and Austria when volunteering at Cabrillo National Monument.) When I feel the need to reconnect with

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Ranas Mexico City Cuisine

Somewhat hidden in a strip mall off Campo Road in Spring Valley, is a gem of a restaurant called Ranas Mexico City Cuisine. The owners, Oscar and Dulce Acosta, have put their heart and soul into creating an authentic Mexico City dining experience, and their passion comes out in their food and their service. My first trip there was a few months

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Autumn & Apple Pie

I needed a change of scenery today.  I also needed a slice of apple pie.  (Well, need is perhaps a bit strong.  Hankered for might be more appropriate.) Heading east out of the city, it was a perfectly sunny, mild San Diego afternoon, and it wasn’t long before I was lumbering along CA 79 towards the town of Julian.  The

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