Galleta Meadows Sculpture Garden

If you’re into quirky outdoor art installations, Galleta Meadows in Borrego Springs may be just for you. Even if you’re not, the kids may enjoy seeing larger-than-life pre-historic and imaginary creatures—like an undulating sea serpent—fabricated from scrap metal.

The artist, Ricardo Breceda, wasn’t a sculptor by trade or even hobby, but a request from his daughter in 2001 turned him into one when she asked for a T. Rex for Christmas. The result: a 25-foot tall, 45-foot long sculpture for his daughter. In 2007, Dennis Avery (of Avery Labels), saw Breceda’s work and partnered with him to create an open-air art installation on Avery’s Galleta Meadows Estate. Breceda has created over 130 sculptures all around Borrego Springs.

The drive from downtown San Diego to Borrego Springs takes 2–2.5 hours, and you could easily spend a good chunk of the day looking for the sculptures. Some of them are right beside the road; some are a short hike away from the paved road.

Enjoy battling dragons and dinosaurs!

What You Need to Know

Location: Over 130 sculptures scattered around Borrego Springs. See the installation map here.

Hours: Sculptures are accessible in the desert at any time.

Cost: Free


Tips: You’ll be in the wide-open desert, so bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and hats, as shade is scarce. Wear footwear that is suitable for hot, gritty, sandy soil and may offer protection from critters and cacti. Be careful driving off of the pavement; some of the sand can be quite soft and it would be easy to get stuck. Keep your eye out for rattlesnakes.


Click to see full-sized photos.

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