Morley Field Disc Golf Course

Playing disc golf at Morley Field Disc Golf Course can be fun and frustrating, just like real golf (without the bent clubs and roto-tilled fairway—at least the way I play golf).

I had never seen disc golf in action prior to my visit here, and I came away with a new appreciation for the sport. Sure, it’s a great way to get out and enjoy the beautiful San Diego weather in Balboa Park, but watching some of the players told me that it can be a very intense, competitive sport, too.

Little did I know that there are discs (don’t call them Frisbees!) designed with different purposes in mind, just like golf clubs. Apparently there are driver discs; discs that tend to move to the left; discs that tend to move to the right; medium range discs; and putter discs. Who knew?

While many of those on the course were serious competitors, hurling their discs like Olympic decathletes (interesting techniques—backhand, forward wrist snap, overhead), everyone of all ages and abilities is welcome on the course. The staff in the pro shop was very helpful educating me about some of the finer points of disc golf. The pro shop also sells drinks and snacks.

Discs are not immune to hazards, either. As with regular golf, I heard a few players mutter under their breath as their disc would get hung up in a tree branch or other obstacle. I also heard a number of people yell, “Fore!!!” When they do, look up. Quickly. If you really get into the sport, they host monthly golf tournaments with cash prizes.

For a fun, very inexpensive way to enjoy Balboa Park and get some light exercise, explore the Morley Field Disc Golf Course.

What You Need To Know

Location: 3090 Pershing Drive, San Diego, CA 92104

Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

Cost: All-day play bands: $3 weekdays; $4 weekends. Disc rental: $1.50 per disc

Phone: 619.692.3607


Tips: Parking is somewhat limited at the golf course. When you purchase your round of golf, you’ll be given a wrist band to wear that’s good for all day. If you rent discs, they’ll ask for an ID or keys as a security deposit to make sure you return them at the end of your round of golf.


Click to see full-sized photos.

Visited: 3 April 2016

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