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Me atop Mt. Laguna, 2 January 2016
Me atop Mt. Laguna, 2 January 2016

Yes, I’m one of the many transplants that have landed in San Diego thanks to the U.S. Navy. I was stationed here from 1987–1991 and fell in love with the city and the surrounding region. After leaving the Navy in 1993, I returned to my native Midwest, but San Diego kept calling me back. I’d return for vacation every 18–30 months or so, and each time I stepped off the plane or drove back into the city, I felt as though I was home. I made a one-way trip back in early 2012 and now call San Diego home.

When out-of-town guests come to visit (it’s amazing how popular you can become when you move to a vacation destination!), one of the things I enjoy most is taking them around and introducing them to my adopted home. I also enjoy writing about my travels and documenting them through my photography. This website allows me to combine all three passions and to share my experiences with those who are interested in learning more about our region.

Enjoy and please remember: Explore San Diego and Beyond!



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you Dan for sharing your experience and website, it’s give me idea where to go and explore more of San Diego our Home 🙂


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